• The excellent service element in the selling process (before – during –after) sales service, and delivery of superior quality and service.

  • Systems and processes that promote sales, optimize delivery and measure performance; used by creative and skilled personnel.

  • A clear-cut organizational structure that defines lines of responsibility, authority, accountability, job descriptions and communication protocols.

  • Wide range of products, systems, and services starting from conceptual designs to full package documents that are lined with the international design standards.

  • Qualified and creative human resources, with excellent educational backgrounds and experience, including technicians, design engineers and professional sales engineers.

  • The reputation of the “leading company” in HVAC and related systems (Al-Asalah credibility and reliability). State of the art products and services that match the customer’s needs with extra attention to details.

  • The ability to compete and successfully differentiate from rivals.

  • Strong targeted marketing, and convincing advertising.

  • Strong brands names and quality awareness and breach the barriers to enforce the change and transformation of the market of HVAC systems to encourage the awareness that HVAC systems contributes to high value for customers.